D  E  S  I  G  N     W  O  R  K

B  E  H  I  N  D  


Behind every design objects from Miss Oxford is an inspiration and design with a wide creative work where the free soul is involved in every step of the creation. When all components marry each other in the design work, something magically happens. 

Miss Oxford's collection offers in different woods, leather & metal colors. All Miss Oxford designs are

design protected in the whole of Europe.

Miss Oxfords wants to give you the feeling of a well-being, harmonic and a creative saturation every time you pass a product created by Miss Oxford. 


S  U  S  T  A  I  N  A  B  L  E      Q  U  A  L  I  T  Y  

Wood from sustainable forestry,

metals made without the use of hazardous chemicals and tanned leather in vegetables where it is the only way to produce premium leather of the desired quality and at the same time respect our environment. A combination that helps extend the life of your design from Miss Oxford by many years.


ram missoxforddesign thestrength kvinna styrka läder trä scandinaviskdesign
missoxforddesign design missoxford stol thelady stolenthelady scandinaviskdesign sverige läder trä hållbarhet
thelady lady kvinna missoxforddesign scandinaviskdesign design inredning interiör decor trä läder

Miss Oxford highlights the woman in her design. The first collection, the chair The Lady and the frame The Strength takes the female place on the walls and stands strong with the legs on the earth. The collection is a tribute to the woman's magical powers. Believe in your magical powers, don't stop - venture to do what you want in life - be free.

W A N T    T O    B E C O M E    A    R E S E L L E R 

Are you interested in becoming a reseller for Miss Oxford. 

Miss Oxford is always on hand to answer questions around product information and collaboration.

Email: Info@miss-oxford.com




Email: info@miss-oxford.com

Phone: +46 (0)736-244701

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